Submit an Application


Submit your business idea either directly through the contact page or by contacting us by phone or email. Please include a detailed description of what services or products your business would provide or create. Also include the current stage of development that your business is in and what steps you have taken, if any, to build your business.

The Evaluation Process


We will evaluate your project viability based on its profitability, its market potential, and the expected demand for its products/services. We are looking for companies with large long term growth potential and innovative ideas. We are specifically interested in companies in the technology and software industry. Once your project proposal is evaluated, we will contact you directly by email with our final decision.

One-on-One Meeting


Upon approval of your idea, we will schedule a meeting to negotiate details pertaining to seed funding, execution assistance, and ownership equity. We will also discuss future steps that we need to take to further your company.